Critical Acclaim

Insights from Paolo Giansiracusa, Art Critic:

Vision and Inspiration:

"As a juncture in time, the artist is a deep-rooted foundation of an educating past and, simultaneously, an extreme offshoot of an evolving future. In his pictorial silences, an ancient tragedy unfolds, echoing ferociously through every era, especially when the harmony between man and nature fractures, leaving indelible signs within the womb of the sea."

"In the movie of memory, two moments impose themselves with vibrant chromatic force: a meeting accompanied by a toast, an animated discussion followed by reconciliation. The flat fillings bring everything to the present plane; the eye does not wander but focuses on facts, colorful gestures, and incisive expressions."

Time as a Nexus:

"All of Giovanni Felis' paintings commence serendipitously, spurred by encounters, strolls, readings, or discussions. They unfold as precise responses of the soul to the challenges of existence. The artist seeks within himself that infinite light accompanying the universe, perceiving it as a vital presence."

"In his creative process, Giovanni Felis often surrenders to the unpredictability of dreams. Consequently, the finished canvas narrates an internal passage, a journey without focal points or predetermined stages. His paintings are continuous fragments of a formal and expressive process maturing behind the stimuli of each coming day."

Passion and Fate:

"In the inevitability of fate, beings seek each other. Their passion arises suddenly due to Cupid's passionate arrow. What seemed buried now sprouts, what seemed non-existent returns to life. Love, previously absent, becomes an uncontrollable fire."

"Love often lies dormant like a hidden seed beneath the cold soil of being. However, when the sun arrives, at the first crackling of the earth, life explodes. The entire pictorial annotation, in this case, is permeated by a profound sense of melancholy, to which the memories of the moon, a letter, or a profile do not confer anticipation."

Cultural Strata:

"With sorrow, the artist reveals that the stratification of past civilizations appears incomprehensible to those who refuse to acknowledge it. In a Babylon of contrasts and misunderstandings, languages overlap and challenge each other. It is with nostalgia that the past aspires to become the future."

"In a Babel of contrasts and misunderstandings, languages overlap and challenge each other. The artist activates the eternal renewal of the human narrative. Man constructs and destroys, and then from the same ashes, from the same dust, he recomposes the forms of the new, the expressions of the future, the life of the new humanity."

Atmosphere and Light:

"Giovanni Felis paints the air and light, the light pollen rising from blooming fields to settle on the curve of the sky. He paints blurred landscapes and faces suspended between dream and passion, metaphysical places without a breath of wind, angels and visions of a surreal world diving into memory."

"His preferred exploration is introspective, where the light of his days opens, and the path of an inner time dedicated to meditation, reflection, and analysis unfolds. The inner place, the space of the intimate, is for the artist the mother of seeds and shoots, the spring of buds destined to bloom."