Custom Art Commission Service

Elevate your space with a bespoke masterpiece through our Custom Art Commission Service. Giovanni Felis invites you to co-create a personalized artwork that resonates with your unique vision and style. Whether it's a captivating portrait, a vibrant landscape, or an abstract expression, Giovanni is ready to bring your imagination to life on canvas.

How It Works:

  1. Submit Your Vision:
    Share your artistic vision by providing details such as preferred themes, color schemes, and any specific elements you'd like to include. Use our intuitive online form to input your description.
  2. Reference Images:
    Enhance communication by uploading reference images, mood boards, or any visual inspirations that help convey your desired aesthetic. This step ensures a more accurate interpretation of your vision.
  3. Style and Medium Selection:
    Specify the preferred artistic style (realism, abstract, etc.) and medium (acrylic, oil, mixed media, etc.) for your custom artwork. Giovanni Felis will adapt his expertise to your preferences.
  4. Review and Confirmation:
    Giovanni will review your submission, offering insights and clarifications if needed. Once the details are confirmed, a personalized quote and timeline for your commissioned artwork will be provided.
  5. Creation Process:
    Witness the creation of your unique masterpiece through regular updates, including work-in-progress images. Your feedback will be incorporated at various stages to ensure satisfaction.
  6. Delivery of Your Bespoke Artwork:
    Upon completion, your custom artwork will be carefully packaged and delivered to your doorstep, ready to enrich your living or workspace.

Begin your artistic journey today by commissioning a custom piece from Giovanni Felis. Transform your vision into a tangible masterpiece that reflects your individuality and enhances your surroundings.