Artistic Vision:

Giovanni Felis, born in Messina in 1980, is a distinguished artist and a leading figure in contemporary Sicilian art. Specializing in pictorial disciplines and cultural heritage, his work is a testament to the intersection of tradition and innovation.

Commitment to Cultural Restoration:

As a signatory of the "Obaism International Art" movement since its inception in 2009, Giovanni has actively contributed to the evolution of contemporary art. His collaboration with Antonio Presti on the exclusive restoration of Hotel Atelier sul Mare Tusa reflects a commitment to preserving and enhancing cultural spaces.

Poetry and Coordination:

In his role as the General Coordinator for Project G37, Giovanni has spearheaded poetry summits, including the captivating "Rite of Light" at the Fiumara d'Arte park in 2017. His coordination of artistic installations, such as the monumental "Cantico di Librino," showcases his prowess in creating immersive experiences.

Some Masterpieces

Exhibition and Recognition:

Giovanni Felis has left an indelible mark on various prestigious venues, from the Fondazione Mazzullo in Taormina to the Ursino Castle in Catania. His participation in the Biennale di Venezia and contributions to the Mediterranean Salon highlight the international recognition of his artistic endeavors.

Educational and Collaborative Initiatives:

Beyond exhibitions, Giovanni has actively contributed to cultural education, coordinating workshops for renowned theaters and collaborating with national agencies and expert panels. His passion extends to collaborating with street art experts and participating in initiatives fostering the arts among the youth.

This brief overview provides a glimpse into Giovanni Felis' dynamic and multifaceted artistic journey, characterized by a profound connection to cultural heritage and a dedication to shaping contemporary expressions of art.